Why Your Furry Friend Will Love Trails at Sheep Draw

Why Your Furry Friend Will Love Trails at Sheep Draw

If you're a pet owner, finding an apartment in Greeley that suits your furry friend's needs can be challenging. Fortunately, our Greeley apartments are designed with your furry friend in mind. Trails at Sheep Draw offers luxury apartment living that is pet-friendly. In this blog post, we'll explore why your furry friend will love our apartments and how we have made it a pet-friendly space. Schedule a free tour today!

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Lots of Green Space

Firstly, our apartment complex in Greeley is located in an area with ample green spaces that you and your furry friend can enjoy. We provide designated grassy areas where your furry friend can run around and play in. Additionally, some of our apartments come fitted with spacious balconies or designated patios, making it a great spot for your furry friend to bask in the sunshine.

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Pet-Friendly Interiors

We understand that our furry friends need to feel at home just as much as we do. To help your furry friend get settled in, our luxury apartments feature pet-friendly interiors, so Fido or Fluffy can feel right at home.

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Dog Run

In addition to our apartments being pet-friendly, we offer many amenities specifically designed for pets, such as a dog run and covered walkways. These amenities are designed to make your pet feel safe, comfortable, and at home.

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Pet Safety

We also have policies in place to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet, such as breed and size restrictions and weight limits. These policies are in place to ensure that all pets in the complex can coexist harmoniously and safely.


Our modern Greeley apartments have been designed with your pet in mind. We've created a welcoming and safe environment for you and your furry friend to call home. Your furry friend will love living in our apartments just as much as you will, and we look forward to welcoming you both to our community. Schedule a free tour of Trails at Sheep Draw today!

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